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Orchard Walk & Talk – PIPS3

Horticulture Innovation are conducting an interactive session in the orchard with the PIPS3 Program research leaders on Tuesday 30 May at Flavell’s Packing Shed.

Full details on this link:        PIPS3 Program Adelaide Hills Walk Talk

Dr Ian Goodwin from Agriculture Victoria’s Tatura SmartFarm, and APAL’s 2022 Researcher of the Year, will chat in the orchard about climate challenges faced by growers and the ways in which PIPS3 Program research has tested sensing technologies that have real potential to assist growers in their decisions in relation to crop load and harvest.

The event will move to a nearby orchard for the release of the biological control agent of Codling Moth and discussion of Integrated Pest & Disease Management (IPDM) for the apple industry.

Followed by LUNCH.

This event demonstrates the use of your levies in the development of the apple industry.