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General Fruit Sizing 18th April 2022

Hi Everyone

Please find below this week’s general fruit sizing information.

2021-2022 Fruit Size Charts – Hi Colour Strains[30]

2021 -2022 Fruit Size Charts – Galaxy & Pink Lady[3]

Pink’s and Rosys are on the verge of being ready to start picking either off crop or fruit for long term storage. Please check your maturity carefully before harvesting as maturity vs storage time will be crucial this year, with Internal Browning again looming as a serious issue for growers. To further complicate matters, the weather forecasts for next week are not looking good. If your fruit is ready to start – go.

Any growers needing assistance with testing maturity or storage queries, please give me a call (0419 826 956)


Paul James

Manager R&D, Grower Technical Services
Lenswood Cold Stores Co-Operative Society Limited