Supporting South Australia's Apple, Pear and Cherry Growers

What We do


Fruit Producers SA runs several industry development programs to build capacity and R&D knowledge in our sector. In addition, we regularly run programs for our members with funding from various sources to ensure that our growers have access to the expertise and support to grow their businesses.

Fruit Producers SA encourages our members to get involved with our events program and contact us with any suggestions for R&D or industry development projects they would like to see us implement.


Fruit Producers SA stands shoulder to shoulder with industry, and we take seriously our commitment to advocate for the growers of our great state. We maintain regular contact with governments of all levels and no matter which party and work closely to deliver critical outcomes for our members.

An essential part of what we do involves media campaigns and putting forward industry views in the media. This has been instrumental in securing critical objectives for the South Australian industry and ensuring that people in urban areas understand our industry’s issues.


As a member of Fruit Producers SA, you are kept informed of all the industry news that affects you as a grower as they are happening.   Emailed directly to you, you will be constantly aware of issues that relate to our industry.


Fruit Producers SA has developed several resources for growers that provide relevant information across many production issues and topics.
Developed over the years as part of the Industry Development Programs, only members have access to these resources