Supporting South Australia's Apple, Pear and Cherry Growers

About Us

Our History

After many years of industry support as the Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia (APGASA) and the Cherries Growers Association of South Australia (CGSA) the members decided to amalgamate these two entities into Fruit Producers SA (FPSA) in 2021.  The amalgamation of these two entities made sense as many of the apple and pear growers also grow cherries.

The APGASA was formed in 1977, along with SA Crate Pty Ltd, a company formed to service the apple and pear industry with supply of re-usable crates. SA Crate Pty Ltd was wholly owned by the Apple & Pear Growers Association of SA, and the profits from the company paid out as dividends for many years underpinned the successful operations of the Apple & Pear Growers Association.

Prior to this, the interests of the apple and pear industry were represented by the SA Fruitgrowers and Market Gardeners Association, which was formed on 28 October 1910 from the amalgamation of the SA Market Gardeners Association and the SA Fruitgrowers Association.

The CGSA was formed (in 2004) to service the needs of an expanding cherry industry in South Australia and was in operation until the recent merger with APGASA.

Our mission

To work in partnership with South Australian Fruit Producers and stakeholders to provide industry leadership, strategic direction and innovative solutions to support profitable and sustainable South Australian fruit industries.

Board of Directors

Fruit Producers SA has a Board of Management of grower Directors with oversight of company governance and operations. Currently, the Fruit Producers SA Board of Management comprises the following representatives:

  • Mr Ashley Green, Hillview Fruits (Chair)

  • Mrs Joyce Ceravolo, Ashton Valley Fresh (Deputy Chair)

  • Mr Andrew Flavell, Flavell Fruit Sales

  • Mr Geoff Lucas, Lucas Farm Asset Management

  • Mrs Helen Mason, AG & HC Mason

  • Mr Nick Noske, The Blue Cherry Company

  • Mr Michael Stafford, Stafford Orchards