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Wild Qfly at Renmark West

Due to an additional detection of Queensland fruit fly within the Renmark West and Pike River suspension areas, the earliest anticipation date for removing quarantine restrictions for both Renmark West and Pike River has been extended. This may impact your ability to send fruit fly host produce to certain markets including interstate destinations, Adelaide and the Riverland.

Restrictions apply to growers, packers, retailers, wholesalers and residents located within the 1.5km Outbreak and 15 km Suspension Areas. The anticipated reinstatement date for the lifting of restrictions in Renmark West and Pike River is now 6 May 2022.

The attached letter and Suspension Area map provide further details to explain the issues and impacts resulting from the outbreak extension.  These details are also available on the PIRSA outbreak website, along with additional outbreak information.  Fruit Fly Outbreaks and Detections in South Australia.

If you would like further information, please contact the Plant Health Market Access hotline on 08 8207 7814 or

20220216 – Produce Movement


Ross Meffin
Chief Inspector (Plant Health Act 2009)