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Stone fruit will no longer be accepted under ICA-21

South Australia has released an amendment to Condition 12D of the Plant Quarantine Standard South Australia which relates to the treatment and inspection of stone fruit.

Effective from 12.00 am 1 April 2022, South Australia will no longer recognise ICA-21 as an accepted treatment against Queensland fruit flies (pest species of Tephritidae family) for stone fruits. This is follows a national review of that found further data was required to support the use of ICA-21, as well as a number of detections of fruit fly larvae in commercial stone fruit consigned to South Australia under ICA-21.

Alternative treatment options for stone fruits South Australia include:

  • Condition 9, Area Freedom (ICA-23)
  • Condition 11, Cold Treatment (ICA-07)
  • Condition 13, Methyl Bromide fumigation (ICA-04)
  • Condition 14, Irradiation (ICA-55).

Condition 12D and ICA-21 can continue to be used to treat and certify against Queensland fruit fly for pome fruit, persimmons, and blueberries into South Australian markets, excluding the Riverland Pest Free Area (PFA).

What does this mean for South Australian stone fruit growers accredited under ICA-21?

If you are a stone fruit grower impacted by the current South Australian Queensland fruit fly outbreaks, you will not be able to continue using ICA-21 for sending stone fruit into any South Australian market after 11.59 pm 31 March 2022.

PIRSA strongly encourages stone fruit growers to start considering alternative treatment options, such as fumigation or cold treatment, to minimise disruption in the event that treatments are required after 1 April 2022.

From 12.00 am 1 April 2022, ICA-21 accredited businesses which are only registered for stone fruit (and who are not approved under their accreditation to send into interstate markets) will have their ICA-21 accreditation automatically withdrawn. PIRSA will contact those businesses to arrange the return of any unissued Plant Health Assurance Certificates (PHAC). ICA-21 accredited businesses who are approved to send interstate will not be impacted by this change.

Further information

Attached for your information is an amended Condition 12D, which will come into effect 12.00 am 1 April 2022.

If you would like further information, please contact the Plant Health Market Access hotline on 08 8207 7814 or


Ross Meffin
Chief Inspector (Plant Health Act 2009)

Condition 12D Amendment