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Queensland fruit fly outbreaks declared in Loxton and Pike River West

‘Keep your garden or property tidy’ is the important message from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA), with the announcement of new Queensland fruit fly outbreaks in Loxton and Pike River West, following the detection of maggots in backyard fruit.

Collecting fallen fruit and picking ripe fruit promptly are key to stopping the fruit fly life cycle. All but one of the Riverland’s fruit fly outbreaks have started in back yards in the region.

The Loxton outbreak will remain in place until 22 November 2022, providing no more fruit flies are detected. The Pike River West outbreak area sits within the existing Pike River and Renmark West fruit fly suspension areas, extending the boundary and the outbreak release dates for these areas to 17 November 2022.

It’s essential that Riverland residents living in red outbreak areas support the eradication program by following these simple steps:

  • keep fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly on your property – don’t share, sell or give them away
  • pick your ripe home-grown at-risk fruit and vegetables
  • collect any fallen fruit and seal in a plastic bag, then call the Fruit Fly Hotline for collection – do not home compost or bury it. If you’re in the Renmark West red outbreak area, use your green lid bin. If you do not have a green lid bin, use your red lid bin.
  • call the Fruit Fly Hotline if you suspect fruit fly on 1300 666 010 and seal the fruit and maggots in a plastic bag.

Commercial fruit movement restrictions are in place for Loxton, Pike River West, Pike River and Renmark West and all host material must be treated and certified before leaving an outbreak area. Contact the Industry Hotline on 1800 255 556 for further advice and support.

Check the map and find more information, including what fruit and vegetables are at risk, at