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Orchard clearing to reduce fruit fly risk

Clean up your orchard to protect against fruit fly

Everyone needs to play a part in protecting South Australia from fruit fly, including orchard owners who can make a significant difference in breaking the fruit fly life cycle, urges the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

Keeping orchards clean by picking ripe fruit from trees and plants, and collecting fallen fruit from the ground removes the opportunity for fruit flies to lay eggs, preventing potentially devastating infestations.

Correctly dispose of unwanted collected fruit depending on where your orchard is:

  • If it is not within 200m of an Outbreak Red Centre – destroy fruit onsite by mulching and then optionally apply a registered insecticide such as Samurai or Dimethoate
  • If it is in an Outbreak Red Centre – contact PIRSA on 1800 255 556 to discuss fruit disposal
  • If you are unsure which area your orchard is in, please contact PIRSA for specific advice by calling the Riverland Industry Hotline on 1800 255 556.

Fruit flies become more active with breeding in the warmer months, so now is the most important time to reduce the opportunities for fruit flies to multiply.

During recent fruit fly outbreaks in South Australia, PIRSA biosecurity officers have continued working hard applying bait, clearing fallen fruit from highest-risk areas, systematically checking for fruit fly larvae, and releasing sterile flies. All of these treatments are agreed under Australia’s National Fruit Fly Management Protocol.
Please support these measures by cleaning up your orchard so that the Riverland can return to being fruit fly free.