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Extension of Riverland Biosecurity Notice

Due to the detection of additional Queensland fruit flies within the Renmark West and Pike River suspension areas, the anticipated date for removing quarantine restrictions for both Renmark West and Pike River has been extended. The anticipated reinstatement date for the lifting of restrictions in Renmark West and Pike River is now 25 October 2022.

This may impact your ability to send fruit fly host produce to certain markets including interstate destinations, Adelaide and the Riverland. Restrictions continue to apply to growers, packers, retailers, wholesalers and residents located within the 1.5km Outbreak and 15 km Suspension Areas.

The letter below and Suspension Area map provide further details to explain the issues and impacts resulting from the outbreak extension.  These details are also available on the PIRSA outbreak website, along with additional outbreak information.

If you would like further information, please contact the Plant Health Market Access hotline on 08 8207 7814 or

20220310 – produce movement letter


Update 11th March 2022

Fruit fly detections extend outbreak end date

Following new fruit fly detections in Renmark West and Pike River, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has confirmed fruit fly outbreak restrictions in the Riverland will continue until 25 October 2022.

This is not a new outbreak, and the current fruit fly outbreak boundaries remain the same.

The new detections have come at a time when it’s possible for Queensland fruit fly to survive through winter. When fruit flies are detected late in the season, the outbreak end date is longer to cover the cooler months, due to the cooler temperatures.

Adult flies can emerge from the pupae in as little as seven days during summer, but are able to survive as adults over winter.

Residents are urged to continue to support fruit movement restrictions and garden prevention advice.

If you live in the Renmark West or Pike River red outbreak areas, please remember to:

  • Keep fruit on your property – don’t share, sell or give it away
  • Pick fruit and vegetables as soon as they ripen
  • Collect fallen fruit – put any unwanted fruit in your green lid bin (preferred option) or red lid bin (except for residents in Pike River – seal in a plastic bag and call the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010 for collection)
  • Check fruit for blemishes or maggots
  • Call the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010 if you suspect fruit fly and seal it in a plastic bag.


Primary producers affected by the fruit fly outbreaks can access free advice via the Family and Business Support program. Call the PIRSA Recovery Hotline 1800 931 314 or visit for more information.