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Codling Moth Research Project – assistance required

Paul James has requested assistance with the upcoming research project.

HIA and TIAR are involved in a fascinating new codling moth project that involves bringing in sterile males from a laboratory in Canada and releasing them into a block(s) on a weekly basis. This strategy if proven, can then lead to area wide mating disruption control measures. The technique is already commercial practice in British Columbia (Canada) and New Zealand.

To date the project has been looking at achieving all of the required quarantine and bioregulatory requirements. These have now been met and the project is looking to undertake field trials and evaluations in SA and Tasmania.

They are looking for isolated blocks, either conventional or organic where these treated males can be released on a weekly basis next season. The releases will also be linked to stringent assessments and monitoring.

If you are interested in participating in this project or would like further information can you contact Paul James as soon as possible


Paul James

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