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Cherry variety DNA verification and Traceability system trial

How would like to be at the start of a process which will have global implications for food production?

Through the federally funded Global Innovation Linkage Program, InterpreData, an Australian data analytics company, is working with the University of Adelaide’s Advanced DNA, Identification and Forensic Facility (ADIFF) to trial a cherry variety DNA verification and Traceability system.

For a proof of concept, we require samples from distinct varieties of cherries.

  1. For genetic testing we need two leaves and two fruits from 15 trees of 6-7 distinct varieties of cherries, from one farm.
  2. We also need 15 fruit samples (2 berries) of a variety from 3 different farms plus 3 blind samples to demonstrate the benefits of scientific testing for irrefutable provenance and traceability.

If you would be interested in being part of this ground-breaking research, please contact Graeme Crook on 0417 805 422 or email